The Conveyors and Materials Handling team works with many of the industry leaders in the automotive, aeronautic, and transportation manufacturing and OEM industries. The solutions we create are used in the production and transport of materials and equipment for cars, trucks, leisure vehicles, agricultural and industrial vehicles and air travel. Our team of sales and design engineers collaborate with our integration engineers to design the exacting requirements of our growing customer base. After the design stage, we benefit from working with the premier manufacturing lines to maximize the efficiency and durability of the solutions we provide. Once delivered, we collaborate with our installers to complete a fully customizable solution that exceeds expectation. 


The solutions we create for our customers focus on the requirements of every individual project. From storage and bins for individual nuts and bolts used in the installation of parts, to the industrial ovens for paint curing, through conveyor systems for the transport of engine blocks, seats, tires and rims. The C&MH team ensures that every detail is considered to allow our customers the ability to increase ROI and efficiency.