At C&MH, we work directly with our customers to understand their unique equipment and storage needs. As technology changes, we recognize that each project requires a new measure of insight and innovation. Our individual salesmen have the expertise to adapt to these challenges. 

We communicate and coordinate directly with our customers to understand their production facility or storage needs. Our sales team will take the time to visit our customers as many times and as often as necessary to fully understand the scope of any project, and maintain a focus on meeting all safety considerations at the company, local, or national level. After fully understanding the requirements of our customer, we will then contact the equipment suppliers we represent to create the fully customizable solutions to fit their needs. 


In the design stage, we  work with industry leaders in equipment and automation design and supply to meet the needs of our customers. From automated conveyor systems, to full bottling and capping lines, to the end of the line packing and palletizing solutions our customers require, Conveyors and Materials Handling can handle full projects or replacement parts and services. The C&MH team is set up to complete drawings and layouts of projects, meet with the customer to understand special design instructions, and works with our installers to ensure quality through all stages. 

Through the installation, training, and continued use of the project, the C&MH team continues constant contact to guarantee customer satisfaction with the projects we supply. As replacement parts or new equipment needs arise from our customers, Conveyors and Materials Handling is prepared to create the efficient and leading solution to fill the continuing needs of our customers.  

Our 30+ years of experience allows us to create the efficient, lean operations, or six-sigma production facility you are looking for. While we continue to carry our automated lines, general warehousing and storage systems, we also expanded our lines to  include industrial robots, cobots, AGV Robotics, and smart warehouses. If you are looking to replace your old equipment, or just interested in learning more, please contact us at

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