Our history begins in 1979, with an idea of the entrepreneur Bob LaBelle. From his garage home office, he started a representative and distribution business to serve “maquiladoras”, manufacturing plants established in the Mexican border, and the southwest industry. Since then, we have never stopped growing, innovating and implemented new technologies. We consider our company not only a business, but a mission to provide the most efficient and cost-effective equipment, latest technology and the best service to our customers.

Every month, we would like to highlight a project or solution we have created for one of our customers. The products and lines we represent have applications across most companies in the United States and Mexico. In the past we have worked with Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Bottling, Food and Beverage, Warehousing, Oil and Gas, Shipping, Packaging, Robotics, and End of the Line Services. As we continue to explore new opportunities, we feel education and outreach will help us build new relationships to complement out existing product lines. 

As the summer months heat up in the Month of August, we visit a refrigeration company in Dallas to review a project in their warehouse and storage facility. Our local sales rep, Noah Mitchell, was in contact with a customer who was interested in automating their facility and streamlining production. Their existing space and equipment were limited on production and was not fully utilized as they were transporting equipment by hand carts, limiting production to 1-2 units at a time. They also had a hoist system to lift and move heavy equipment, but the machines were ineffective as they required switch over, and adjustments based on the size and weight of the materials being moved. The last issue identified is that there was only one level to the facility, missing an opportunity to relieve special stress with all production and movement occurring on floor level.

Noah worked with the facility managers and out lines to determine there was an opportunity to upgrade their hoists and overhead jib cranes to work with Vacuwork and create a custom manipulator. The custom controls installed allowed the customer to work the manipulator, vacuum, and hoist from one control handle, saving time and effort to lift varied sizes of equipment and move them without having to switch and change controls. This was s significant time savings for the customer in their ability to move product throughout their facility.

The next project Noah was able to work with the facility was the purchase and installation of an overhead Pacline Conveyor system. The conveyor was an oval shaped conveyor with capacity to move 4 pieces of equipment through vacuum systems. The installation of this allowed the customer to simultaneously move the equipment through the facility and systems and included a power system for their vacuum system using a conductor bar. This process used to be completed by push up cart into and through the vacuum system utilizing 1-2 pieces of equipment at a time. The installation of the overhead conveyor improved worker fatigue issues because the overhead conveyor is easier to manipulate and move, as well as requiring less movement by the workers for twice the work. The help lessen the fatigue by the workers, Noah was able to supply the customer with Modular anti-fatigue matting to help support their workers and cushion their movement, lessening the stress on their feet, legs and lower back.

To improve the special efficiencies of the warehouse, Noah also worked with the customer to install 2 Mezzanines from Cogan. 1 was a shorter length and the other was a longer length that were set up to run parallel to the production line. These Mezzanines were used to help move equipment along the production line from a higher location, opening the floor for less foot traffic and easier mobility throughout the facility. It also opened the warehouse with additional capacity while creating a safer work environment for the employees. To increase safety, guard rails and additional safety measures were taken along the stairs and ledges to eliminate slips and falls.

As our customers begin to return to work, we continue to focus on creating solutions focused on safety and efficiency for our customers and their employees. Whether through the use of automation or simple ergonomic and anti fatigue equipment, our goal is to create a solution to keep your employees healthy. To explore the solutions we create, email us at or click to request additional information or a quote through our online system. 

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