Our history begins in 1979, with an idea of the entrepreneur Bob LaBelle. From his garage home office, he started a representative and distribution business to serve “maquiladoras”, manufacturing plants established in the Mexican border, and the southwest industry. Since then, we have never stopped growing, innovating and implemented new technologies. We consider our company not only a business, but a mission to provide the most efficient and cost-effective equipment, latest technology and the best service to our customers.

Every month, we would like to highlight a project or solution we have created for one of our customers. The products and lines we represent have applications across most companies in the United States and Mexico. In the past we have worked with Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Bottling, Food and Beverage, Warehousing, Oil and Gas, Shipping, Packaging, Robotics, and End of the Line Services. As we continue to explore new opportunities, we feel education and outreach will help us build new relationships to complement out existing product lines. 

As the month switches to September and parts of the country start to see the first signs of fall and cooler weather, we take a trip back to the Coca Cola Plant in Mexico for a project completed by the C&MH team.  Coca Cola was needing a dual pump system to supply water at precise conditions in a failure proof delivery system. The pumps would run in an automatic mode, with pressure switches alerting the system for increase water delivery.   This dual pump system was created with a primary electrically driven pump system backed up by a diesel motor pumping system. There is a lock out switch ensuring that both pumps do not run at the same time, allowing for cost reductions, and eliminating redundancy within the system. The electric pump is specified as the primary pump to take advantage of increased efficiencies in the pump while also lowering costs on energy usage and lessen the noise caused by the pump running. This creates a quieter and more cost-efficient workplace.

In a situation where there was a power outage or a failure in the electric system, and there was a need for increased pressure in the water delivery lines, the diesel pump will automatically kick on and supply water at the same conditions as the electric pump system. When the power is restored, if there is a need for increased pressure and water delivery, the electric system will automatically take over and the diesel system will shut down.

Within the line and pumping system, there is a booster pump installed to normalize the line pressure and ensure that small pressure differences do not lead to an automatic start and stop in the main pumps. By eliminating these pressure differences, Coca Cola can extend the life of their pumps and keep costs down by not running the pumps at higher rates or with more frequent pressure needs when not necessary. This booster pump also allows for battery charging and regeneration in the electric pump through the battery charger equipped and used while the electric pump is in standby mode.

There are fail safes included in the system to ensure that the pumps do not overheat in the case of insufficient water supply in the system. Headers are installed with a temperature alarm setting and alarm indicator to alert of a problem. The pumps will automatically shut down, and while the alarm can be manually turned off, the alarm indicator will stay lit and the pumps will not return to working order until sufficient water supply is available.

It is important that these pumps meet these specifications to precisely mix the delivered water with the Coca Cola syrup to meet the exact product requirements. Coca Cola and their customers have high expectations for the quality of their products, and  the C&MH team work hard to deliver on those requirements. After more than a decade and over a dozen total pumps sold to the plants in Mexico, all pumps in operation and the entire pumping system continues to work in perfect order.  

As our customers begin to return to work, we continue to focus on creating solutions focused on safety and efficiency for our customers and their employees. Whether through the use of automation or simple ergonomic and anti fatigue equipment, our goal is to create a solution to keep your employees healthy. To explore the solutions we create, email us at or click to request additional information or a quote through our online system. 

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